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Our History

Software Technology Applications Resources

Software Technology Applications Resources Consultants, Inc. (STAR Consultants) was founded by Glenell D. Aucoin and incorporated on September 1, 1996. The corporate headquarters is in Jacksonville, Florida.

The motivation for the creation of STAR Consultants arose out of the desire to provide an organization different from any other in accordance with the high demand for, at that time, PeopleSoft experts. The founder, after working for PeopleSoft partners and observing their organizational structure and overall business strategies, has created a business which is to provide any fulfillment services such as technical support, maintenance, consulting durning after the initial contract is successfully completed. We do not just accomplish the task at hand and move on. Many hours of consideration is for any other needs that client(s) may have. STAR distinguish itself and provide a different and a more complete approach, STAR Consultants offers a full range of services to clients and provide assistance in any area where the company can be of service.

We utilize a robust methodology to manage every aspect of a project's implementation (e.g., demos, fit-gap, JAD sessions, day-to-day tracking, quality control, and documentation). We integrate professionally with your staff on all levels throughout your organization. STAR consultants are professionally adapted in the following areas:

  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Task and Time Management
  • Managing Multiple Priorities
  • Managing Scope Creep and Meeting Deadlines
  • Working Independently