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  1. Help emerging businesses grow by strengthening their business practices with workshops and seminars.
  2. Create a strong network of business support with our partnerships and alliances.
  3. Allow a 1 or 2 man business to receive the benefits of a large organization.
  4. Have multiple spotlight events.
  5. Assist owners with accountability for their own development and stay focus on their goals.
  6. Aid with working your plans.

Each business owner who is a member of STARs GDA (Growth Development Alliances) program will have the opportunity to present his/her business at a weekly spotlight a seminar. The owner picks which day of the week the seminar happens. For businesses who are past the entry level of development, we offer the Shining Star Executive (SES) membership. This membership offers a large range of growth opportunities with STAR and our partners. We assist you with completing your portfolio and strengthen your foundation geared to the next level of success in your business.

Business requirements to qualify to become a member

  • A business entity is considered small with an annual income less than $250,000

Membership Costs and Benefits

  • $50 Annual  -- Growth Development Alliances (GDA)
  • $200 Annual -- Shining Executive STARs (SES)
Benefit GDA SES
Training discounts for your company (Internal, External, Staff, Outsourcing) Y Y
Opportunities to form independent alliances and partnerships Y Y
Marketing opportunities for summits, workshops, seminars and conferences - Y
Advertisement on Public Calendar - Y
Schedule events and workshop announcements on calendar - Y
Access to Membership directory - Y
Network Power Hour: growth and development opportunities - Y
Acceptance into the Accelerated Structure Resource Group - Y
Access to a team of business owners who work to help you over your challenges in a matter of days Y Y
Predetermined training schedule to help improve your branding, imaging, marketing, communication, organization and follow-up processes Y Y
Spotlighting of your business (weekly or quarterly) - Y
Spotlighting of your business web site Y Y
Business development strategy meetings Y Y
Round Table meetings Y Y
Video presentations Y Y
Mandatory Quarterly Spotlight showcase after completing the spotlight training series Y Y

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