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STAR Consultants
Executive Summary

Software Technology Applications Resources

"STAR has been involved with Information Technology, Enhancing Business Processes, Training Individuals & Teams, Software and Business Development for over 25 years. We utilize the best business practices whether it is a COT product or heavily customized application. We pay attention to details. We make sure clients fully understand the processes and training materials we provide."

Software Technology Application Resources Consultant, Inc. hereby referred to as "STAR" is comprised of uniquely talented expert consultants that can bring an array of diverse experiences and technical knowledge to your business. Since 1996, we have continued to provide specialized and creative solutions using cutting edge technology and software development tools. STAR consultants are Information Technology professionals with over 16 years of full life cycle software development, management, and supervisory skills, and over 30 years dedicated to training and development.

We inspire new and established businesses to greater heights, by providing them exceptional skills training, project management resources, advanced information technology systems and process implementation that will keep them a step ahead of the competition. We support entrepreneurship with independent contractors and strategic alliances with companies specializing in facilitation and training.

Our team offers senior level expert experience and educational credentials in various industries and companies. Our experience has been harnessed around the country for government, public and private sectors. We specialize in all phases of application software development and enhancement, business process development and business process reengineering, supported with the implementation life cycle process flow accompanied with end user training, website creation, governmental strategic planning, corporate and community training using numerous tools and methodologies.

The world of technology is changing so fast and the economic current conditions offer small relief. If you are a business owner, you realize how hard it is to keep pace. As business-minded professionals, entrepreneurs or even start-up owners, you are faced with often complicated answers to simple questions: "How to get my computer to work? How to increase revenue? How to keep retention turnover low? Is there a better way to insure ROI? What do I do next?"

This is what sets STAR apart from the rest! We are mentors, coaches, consultants, facilitators and trainers who provide business and strategic planning solutions. As a provider in many industries of business development, software solutions, customized and corporate training, we've heard the stories of applications that were never delivered and stories about the difficulties of learning applications or software that are too hard to master because of there level of difficulty. As a result, many business needs are addressed by kludgy and inadequate solutions that simply did not work or enhance the business. STAR is capable of effectively communicating the skills needed to transfer knowledge. This can be accomplished many ways such as one-on-one training, class room lectures, blending training and more.

Corporate Vision

STAR aspires to be an organization that utilizes information technology, project management, and an approach to system analysis that ensures business growth and illuminates STAR's vision for the future of technology.

Corporate Mission

To achieve our vision by inspiring businesses with information technology, software systems, impeccable training and project management while exposing them to advanced information technology systems and processes that will propel their organizations because of their heightened awareness. All individuals and entities associated with STAR are responsible for the successful outcome of the project. They share a common fabric of knowledge, beliefs, goals, aspirations, and a commitment to excellence and quality service. Each member of this team fully believes and is committed to carrying out our core values of trust, loyalty and integrity. We at S.T.A.R. are fully engaged and committed to the development, growth and success of our personnel and clients.

STARs' Corporate Goals:

  1. Assist others in developing the skills needed to excel in their chosen profession
  2. Establish a relationship of partnership that allows a business to build upon another's strengths.
  3. Assist organizations in their quest to achieve their goals by sharing with them the best practices garnered by our consultants diverse industry experiences.

Core Values

Our core values are the foundation that allows our consultants to assist on every level of your organization. This allows us to fully understand the business requirements, goals and objectives. We have the desire and dedication to support you in every area of business development and growth.

  1. Dedication to the growth of people.
    We are people oriented and focused on individual growth and success. We know well-rounded people are the key to being successful.

  2. Dedication to the growth of understanding our culture.
    We strive with team building, mentorship, communication, entrepreneurship and support in all areas.

  3. Dedication to growth via technology.
    We are well trained and skilled staying culture with technology and sharing the information with others.

  4. Dedication to excellence.
    We are determined to exceed the normal standards for quality, reliability and determinability. Clients' and consultants' needs come before our own. Our commitment to excellence ensures success.