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We provide services and create products for you to review, accept and use.

Application Development

Our skilled consultants will help you develop and understand industry applications which can assist in the growth of your company. We help you examine your business process and requirements in order to better adapt to change, optimize the way your organization uses your project-based enterprise software and maximize the results you achieve from your investments.

Our application development process utilise quality management system, reduces the time take for application development, giving our customer significant business benefits.

Our application development methodology can be used for:

  • Custom Application Development
  • Existing Application Maintenance and Enhancement
  • Application Re-Engineering
  • Application Migration
  • Web-Enabling Legacy Applications

Customer Relationship Management

The key to success and CRM combines all processes, functions to achieve this goal. An effective CRM will include methodologies, strategies, software and web-based capabilities that help an enterprise organize and manage customer relationships.

CRM Software is used to help businesses:

  • Understand their customer, and
  • Understand their customer's wants and needs, and
  • Help the business serve them more efficiently and effectively.

In turn this will help the business to improve customer satisfaction, increase staff productivity, slash operation costs and maximize the effectiveness of each customer interaction.

Business Development

Our skilled consultants will help you review and provided solutions to help with your business development.

Business Productivity Assessments - The ideal starting point for busyness that want to improve their internal processes without the disruption caused by a system overall. Our consultants work direct with you to evaluate all facets of your business to make recommendations that streamline and optimize your operations.

Performance Management - Maximize your success by ensuring the best practices are applied with implementing, expanding or upgrading your business intelligence analytics and reports.

Project Management Outsourcing - A dedicated Project Management team manages the interdependent time, cost, and scope of a project to successfully achieve agreed-upon project objectives.

  • Automating billing processes
  • Developing payroll in-sourcing/out-sourcing
  • Enhancing project management reporting
  • Establishing a better workflow
  • Interfacing with other systems
  • On-site training to new staff or for new products

Marketing Development

Marketing Development is dependent on a strong strategic planning processes. The process helps your organization assess the environment it's competing in while establishing a vision, mission and business treaties that guide your organization into the future. Having a well-defined marketing plan can keep your business on course when unexpected challenges arise. Changing market conditions include tighter budgets, tougher competition, price conscious customers and new marketing channels.

Technology Development

Our skilled consultants will help you develop and understand how important it is to keep current with the ever changing technology industry. We help bridge the gap for individuals who do not have the time or desire to put training in this area. We help you implement and upgrade your software, assess your technology architecture for maximum system performance, develop and execute date migrating strategies, integrate critical third-part enterprise software technologies, and customize software functions to meet highly specialized requirements.