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STAR offers a wide array of cost-saving IT outsourcing and system management services and products to ensure maximum stability and performance with your chosen solutions.

The success of our client's software implementations depends on full-service system of integration consulting. This begins with pre-sales technical assessment and consulting, continuing with the actual implementation of a turnkey solution and concluding with end-user training to maximize user adoptions thought the organization. Our services include system design along with the installation and management of your application, database, Web server, RDBMS, Citrix and terminal servers.

Our consultant also assists with software enhancements through custom programming, installing additional applications or creating product interfaces.

We understand that one-size-fit-all packages don't always word for the next business. That's why we offer a divers range of options to help you fully leverage your Citrix Investments day or night. Get a fully customizable support solutions that we guarantee will help you meet your service levels and keep your investments working for you.